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BBC iPlayer gets European outing on Apple iPad

Fawlty Towers and Doctor Who will be among the telly programmes new and old available to European iPad owners when Aunty's new mobile service launches later this year.

The BBC has announced that Apple's proddable PC will be the first portable device to allow people other than licence-fee paying Brits to be able to access both new productions and the massive archive of classic TV owned by the Beeb.

As such, the international version of the portable player will be very different from the one we see in the UK which only offers recent 'catch-up' programming.

Euro subscribers will pay something in the order of £6 per month and, while the initial roll-out will be cautious, only covering more predictable markets in western Europe, a global expansion is expected to follow.

The service is also expected to break free of the confines of Apple's tablet device, eventually making it onto desktop PCs and Macs, as it is at home in the UK.

Anyone feeling all indignant at having to pay £145.50 a year when Johnny Foreigner will be able to get his manicured mitts on the BBC's finest for less than half of that might be calmed by the knowledge that some domestic productions, including EastEnders according to the Grauniad, will not make it across the Channel.

We're seriously thinqing of upping sticks and burgering off to France.