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BullGuard Survey Claims UK Smartphone Users Not Keen On Security

A new survey has shown that over 50 percent of Smartphone users in the UK are blissfully ignorant of the usage and importance of mobile phone security.

The survey, which was conducted by the Internet security firm BullGuard, highlighted some really interesting, but alarming facts. Almost 53 percent of the participants in the study revealed that they did not even know that security software was available for Smartphones.

More shockingly, almost 21 percent of the participants straightaway ridiculed the need of such software, while 42 percent acknowledged that the issue had never “crossed their mind”.

Though the malicious forces in the cyber-space are still stuck to PC users as their primary targets, the threat to Smartphone platforms has emerged significantly over the past year or so.

Adding more to the worries of the security experts, another report from a reputed security firm recently claimed that there has been an alarming 250 percent rise in mobile malware in the past 6 months alone.

“It’s not really surprising that consumers haven’t responded to this emerging threat” Claus Villumsen, mobile security expert with BullGuard said.

“People want to buy products that “just work”, and not concern themselves with jumping through more hoops once a device is up and running. The key thing to remember here is that Smartphones are effectively miniature computers and so are just as vulnerable,” he added.