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Comcast And Skype Partner To Allow Texting Via TV

US based cable services provider Comcast will partner with Skype to allow its users to make video calls from their living rooms.

In what the companies call a ‘strategic partnership’, Comcast and Skype will conduct trials of the service with a select few customers before rolling it out generally sometime next year.

This move is the latest attempt by a cable company to become a greater part of its customers’ living room at a time when some people are getting most or all of their entertainment from their computers.

Skype will also benefit from the new service as it expands to platforms other than desktops and laptops. Comcast is the US’s largest cable services provider and will present Skype with a massive user base.

Customers will be able to able to make calls using Skype and send instant messages to friends while watching TV. The Skype-on-TV package will also come with a video camera but users won’t be tied to that particular camera.

“By combining Comcast’s broad living room reach with Skype’s innovative communications platform and worldwide community of users, we can bring video calling into the heart of the home, allowing people to share life’s experiences both big and small,” Tony Bates, the chief executive of Skype, said in a statement, RTT News (opens in new tab) reports.

Details such as the pricing and launch date have not been announced, but the companies plan to release the product sometime next year.