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Epic Games Hacked, Forced To Reset Passwords

Another games developer, Epic Games, has fallen victim of a hack; this comes after a spate of attacks against gaming websites like Sony, Codemasters and Nintendo.

Epic Games, which is known for popular titles such as Gears of War, reported that both its website and forums had been compromised and that encrypted passwords and user email addresses may have been stolen.

It emerged that the hack resulted in data loss on the site's forums with Epic games asking posters who had put anything up since Monday to republish their post again.

They have also taken the step of resetting passwords for everyone in order to avoid brute force attacks which might have cracked shorter passwords.

Unlike Codemasters though, they have promised to get everything ready within a few days and are likely to maintain the same website, rather than introduce a new one.

Epic Games also confirmed that its Unreal Developer Network has not been compromised and that none of the websites stored any credit card details or any other sensitive customer data.

Meanwhile, Nintendo, whose online infrastructure had also been compromised, issued a warning for its European users, telling them about the possibility of phishing attacks following a security breach at the games firm.

Désiré Athow

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