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How To Get Duke Nukem Forever For Free In The UK

We know of only one way to get Duke Nukem for free in the UK and it doesn't involve illicit downloads, cracks or keygen.

Base, BlahDVD, 101cd and, all part of the same family, are offering Duke Nukem Forever for PC with either of six memory kits from the range of Kingston HyperX T1, with free delivery as well (ed: let us know if you hear of any other such bundles).

These are either available in triple channel or dual channel SKUs for £57 (three 2GB modules) or £5 (two 2GB modules); given that the game itself carries a suggested retail price of £29.99, this puts the price of each module at around £8 a unit.

CCL sells the 6GB memory kit for nearly £52 on its own and since we haven't found any trace of the Duke Nukem Forever promotion on Kingston's website, we suppose that the promotion must be exclusive to Base/Blah.

The bundle is ideal for those looking to upgrade their system's onboard memory in order to play DNF. The cheapest copy of the game costs £22.49 from Steampowered via Getgamesgo, significantly less than what you'd pay for the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform. Duke Nukem Forever might not have been a success with critics and gaming websites but it has gone straight to the top of the UK gaming chart, 13 years after it was first announced.