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HP Will Launch NFC Capable Smartphones In The Near Future

New reports have confirmed Hewlett-Packard’s intentions of launching NFC (Near Field Communication) featured mobile devices before the end of 2011.

According to a recent Bloomberg (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)report the company is looking to deliver the first set of NFC enabled devices towards the end of 2011. The reported cited two company sources who would not give their names.

“Other folks are going to build this capability into devices, so, competitively, HP needs to do that,” said Ed Finkler, an independent programmer and app developer who focuses on the Palm WebOS.

NFC mobile payments are seen as an important part of the future mobile economy, allowing people to spend simply by passing a phone or tablet near a sensor. Control over processing these payments promises to be both profitable and a significant competitive advantage for whichever companies come to dominate the NFC infrastructure.

Other tech giants such as Google, and some government agencies, have also gotten involved in the push for NFC technology in recent months, though it is too early to say which companies might have an advantage.

Making payments through NFC technology has already proved to be extremely popular in Japan, which has a reputation for embracing new technologies early on.