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HTC Won't Release Gingerbread For Desire Users

HTC has confirmed that it won't bring Android 2.3, otherwise known as Gingerbread, to the Desire, one of its most popular and enduring handsets of 2010.

The company made the announcement on its Facebook page and said that the decision was down to the fact that the smartphone doesn't have enough memory to support both Gingerbread and HTC's proprietary Sense user interface.

It said that its engineering teams had been working hard for the past few months in order to get Gingerbread on the HTC Desire without "compromising [on]" the Sense experience.

Some have been suggesting that HTC should give up on Sense instead and allow its customers to upgrade to a bland version of Gingerbread which will apparently be available for the original Google Nexus S, the HTC Desire's twin brother.

Others have commented that HTC may be planning obsolescence for the original Desire, something that may be true as HTC wants to push better products (like the HTC Desire S and the Sensation) and the Desire alongside the Desire HD might be standing in the path of natural selection.

Others have also pointed out that Gingerbread runs perfectly on the Desire with Sense UI using a custom ROM. In addition, the HTC Wildfire S, we've noted, comes with 512MB memory and a slower SoC but yet somehow managed to run Gingerbread and Sense perfectly well.