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Minecraft Game Passes 2.5 Million Milestone - And It's Still In Beta

Infinitley expandable block building indie strategy game Minecraft has sold as many copies as PC hits Diablo and FarCry.

The game, which relies on a mix of fiendish level design, resource mining, survival and the ability to create daft structures ouy of simple components has sold more than 2.5 million copies, despite still being in the beta stages of its development.

It originally went on sale when it was in alpha, sells for €15 now it is in beta, and is expected to hit €20 when it is eventually finished, with the help of millions of unpaid beta testers, on November 11th this year.

The game, which has achieved cult status amongst its many fans, may have blown some of its cool when it was used as part of Microsoft's E3 presentation, but the Lego-'em-up seems to have really taken off from its humble beginnings with both mobile and Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 versions planned for eventual release.

The game's popularity stems from its creators' stubborn belief that, although pretty graphics and blistering frame-rates may make people go 'ooh' for five minutes, playability and longevity are still king amongst gamers.