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Most CEOs Are Hesitant About Moving To The Cloud

Despite their IT staffs recommending that they give the final nod, a significant number of chief executives are reluctant about the idea of moving to cloud, a new report claims.

The revelation was made by the Internet security firm Symantec, and its final report concluded that most CEOs prefer not to move to the cloud because they aren't convinced that they can trust the efficiency and performance improvements that advocates of cloud computing have promised.

A closer look at the study shows that more than half of the CEOs in the UK, have yet to open up to the idea of embracing private cloud implementations.

This figure is significantly different from the 72 percent of IT personals in the country who are more open to implementing private clouds, believing that it is an important part of their firms future IT strategies.

“Cloud computing represents a major shift within IT – changing from a traditional IT delivery to a service-provider model. Moving to the cloud is a complex evolution for many companies and it’s essential that IT and executives are aligned on initiatives,” said John Magee, the vice president of virtualisation and cloud solutions at Symantec, IT Pro reports.