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Neul's 'Weightless' Tech Sends Messages Over The Unused Spectrum

Neul, a network start-up from Cambridge, London has announced a new, ‘revolutionary’ wireless technology which the company claims will eventually prove to be even more popular than Bluetooth technology once it becomes fully functional.

The new technology, dubbed “Weightless”, according to the company, will use the “white space,” the spectrum which remains unused within a broadcast TV band.

However, it may take some time before the technology is ready to be featured in regular gadgets. Neul plans to have billions of electronic devices online using the Weightless technology by 2020.

"We decided it was very important to design a new technology for M2M (machine to machine) because many of the requirements are completely different to those of humans [and their smartphones]," Chief Technology Officer of Neul, William Webb stated during the launch, ZD Net (opens in new tab) reports.

Webb also explained that the when it comes to data usage, the M2M sector is far less demanding than web surfing and far more tolerant towards latency.

The use of white space to increase the number of signals that can be broadcast without interference is seen as an important step for the telecom industry and has been endorsed by the European Parliament.