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THQ Closes Studio Behind The Disappointing Shooter Homefront

California based gaming firm THQ is closing down its Digital Warrington and Kaos Studios as part of the process of making a strategic realignment, new reports confirmed.

The move has come barely three months after the launch of the firm’s new alternate-reality-shooter title Homefront.

THQ reportedly confirmed the report of shutting down the two studios to the gaming website (opens in new tab) Gamasutra (opens in new tab).

"THQ continues its strategy of aligning the best industry talent with the company’s marquee franchises," the company stated.

"The Montreal studio will take over product development and overall creative management for the Homefront franchise. The Montreal studio actively collaborated with Kaos on Homefront," the statement added,” it added.

THQ stated that it is currently recruiting developers for its wings in Montreal, Austin and Vancouver, and also that employees from the now-closed studios are welcome to apply for the posts.

Though the reviews of Homefront, designed by Kaos Studio, were somehow less than satisfactory, it has still reportedly sold approximately a million copies worldwide during the first 10 days of its launch. THQ is also recovering from the weak performance of its new XBLA's Red Faction: Battlegrounds.