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Why iPad 3 Is not Going To Be Launched This Year

Apple could wash away its sin of not having introduced the iPhone 5 at WWDC by releasing a third-generation iPad 3 this year.

As surprising as this may seem, it is possible that the rumour holds some truth in it. And that's not all, the iPad 3’s display could offer a 2560x1920p resolution, Mac Rumors (opens in new tab) reports.

It appears that Apple is planning to crush down its tablet competitors by releasing a new iPad 3 in Q4 of 2011. The product will allegedly bring a 2560x1920p display, "which is the ultimate resolution a 9.7 Inch Panel can achieve", the report reads.

The 2560x1920 pixel resolution exceeds the iPad 2’s resolution by six times and even outdoes Samsung’s 2560x1600 10.1" LCD display.

Apple could use a Retina display for its iPad 3, but this suggestion seems to have faded away recently.

The Cupertino giant could indeed be envisaging blowing the market up and launching this impressive iPad 3 in order to counteract the invasion of Android tablets scheduled for release in the near future.

However, when we consider that the iPhone 5 is almost sure to be launched in September. The iPad 3 launch would just be a nonsense, since we already have iCloud, iOS 5, upcoming iPhone + the usual iPod update.

And why would Steve Jobs have called it the year of the iPad 2, anyway?

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