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YouTube Offers HD Previews And Drops Its Logo

Google’s video sharing service YouTube has come up with two new features, high definition preview images for its featured videos and the option to remove the site-logo from the corner of its videos.

The website used to only offer lower quality preview images of the videos, irrespective of the quality of the video itself. This resulted in many viewers not opting to watch the high-definition video because it appeared from the previews that all versions of a video were of the same quality.

But with these new updates to the site, any uploaded video, with a HD resolution of 480p or higher can now display HD preview images, The Inquirer (opens in new tab) reports.

The second update removes the irritating YouTube logo that can be found on every video in the bottom right-hand corner. The logo has proven itself to be a distraction from the content of the video, and it often blocks an important segment of the image.

Although this removes YouTube's brand from embedded videos, users will still be able to navigate and watch the video directly on YouTube.

Besides, YouTube is already the most popular video hosting site, and with Google's continued search engine dominance that doesn't look likely to change in the near future.