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BBC Journalists Will Begin Reporting Directly From Their iPhones

In an effort to speed up its reporting capabilities, BBC is actively engaged in developing a client app for Apple’s mobile platform that will allow its journalists to report live from their iPhones and iPads.

Mobile apps have already been used by many media organizations to enable citizen reporting, but it seems that BBC has taken the unique position amongst broadcasters that it is time to give those same tools to professionals.

Analysts believe that with media stories breaking by the minute, a client-side app which allows live reporting over high speed 3G networks could give the BBC a competitive advantage over networks that must move in a camera crew.

Explaining the significance of the application, Martin Turner told (opens in new tab), “now it is beginning to be a realistic possibility to use iPhones and other devices for live reporting, and in the end if you’ve got someone on the scene then you want to be able to use them. That capability is a really important one.”

From his description it seems that this app isn't meant to completely replace a professional camera crew, but rather to act as a stop-gap measure for situations when a reporter is in place but photographers or a camera crew has yet to arrive.