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EVE Online, Minecraft, LoL fall to LulzSec

Online mischief makers at LulzSec have targeted a bunch of gaming sites including EVE Online, Minecraft and League of Legends in the latest round of cyber shenanigans.

The outfit, which now calls itself "the world's leaders in high-quality entertainment at your expense," has garnered itself a bunch of 'Lulz' in a DDoS offensive it dubbed Titanic Takeover Tuesday.

First, gaming mag Escapist Magazine fell to a DDoS attack. EVE Online has been yo-yoing according to this twitter thread, with owner CCP tweeting: "Earlier we became aware of a DDoS and took all services offline. Our Security Team is conducting a thorough investigation".

The Lulzers said they were only targeting the game's log-in servers but it seems this was enough for CCP to take the game offline, when it realised something was afoot.

Also tumbling to the beat was Minecraft - the online game which yesterday boasted about how popular it is. Then League of Legends fell as the hackers took calls from online fans who submitted a list of targets they'd like to see fall.

"Snap your minds into a new realm, my friends. We did it because they couldn't stop us - and did it we did, as you'll see. We always deliver." LulzSec tweeted amid the carnage.

The list of LulzSec's victims is growing daily and includes the likes of Sony, Fox Broadcasting and the US Public Broadcasting service.

And it seems the phone line has spawned a new set of targets some of which are also now under attack. The outfit twitted last night: "5000 missed calls and 2500 voicemails from today". Games sites worldwide had better batten down the hatches.