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Fluke Networks Launches Network Analysis And Troubleshooting Tablet OptiView XG

With an eye on offering IT managers the ability to quickly troubleshoot issues arising in computer networks, Fluke Networks has introduced a new tablet device, called OptiView XG.

The tablet claims to have the ability to monitor up to thirty thousand devices on a network and comes loaded with Fluke’s much vaunted network analysis tools.

The tablet apparently can be used to troubleshoot issues at the application layer and can be used to diagnose both wired and wireless LANs.

The device sports two RJ-45 ports along with a one gigabyte SFP port and an advanced three radio setup which seamlessly syncs with the company’s spectrum analysis tools. The tablet incidentally has the capacity to comprehensively analyse traffic at an impressive 10Gbps line rate.

The tablet also scores on account of its sleek design and is just over ten inches in size. It runs on Windows 7 operating system and has an intuitive interface along with customisable dashboards which can be customised for each user.

While the tablet is low in weight at just 2.5kg, it does have a substantial price tag which stands around £16,000 at entry level specifications.

Image Courtesy Fluke Networks.