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Glasses-free 3D coming over the Apple iPad

Japanese company Newsight is planning to sell a screen overlay which will give the Apple iPad a glasses-free 3D display.

The $25 device uses parallax barrier technology to feed different images to each eye without the need for bulky glasses, much like the Nintendo 3DS.

The company is also planning to produce 3D apps which will show of the overlays abilities, and smaller versions for the iPod and iPhone will follow.

The company, which also makes lenticular screens and overlays for larger devices up to 82 inches, reckons the third wave of modern 3D, after shutter glasses and their passive counterparts, will be the auto-stereoscopic methods it uses.

Apple has also patented several methods of producing such images although the rumour mill hasn't started churning that one quite yet.

Newsight also supplies software which allows developers to write software which works with the screens and overlays so we'll see if there are any decent titles, which will certainly decide the success of the product when it launches some time in July.