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Google Maps Is the Most Popular Connected App In The UK

According to a new study Google Maps is not only the most widely used app in the UK, it enjoys a significant lead over its closest competitors: Yahoo Weather and Facebook.

The study, conducted by the internet research firm comScore in collaboration with GSM was aimed at carrying out an in-depth analysis of the popularity of connected apps from different vendors, T3 (opens in new tab)reports.

Google Map secured the top spot in the list with over 6.4 million people using the app in the month of April alone, followed not-so-closely by Yahoo Weather and Facebook with over 3.6 million and 3.5 million users respectively during the same month.

The fourth, fifth and sixth positions were secured by Google Mobile, YouTube and eBay respectively.

Of course it's no surprise that Google Maps was high on the list, considering it comes pre-loaded on both the iPhone and all Android phones, which is practically the entire smartphone market. Yahoo was able to surpass Facebook partly due to its partnership with Apple to provide weather data for the iPhone.

Sky showed a surprisingly strong position in the connected app market by securing four positions in the top 20. The four featured Sky apps in the top 20 list were: Sky Live Football Centre, Sky News, Sky+ and Sky Sports.