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Google Supercharges Mobile Search Services

Google has announced a wealth of improvements to its mobile web search at the same time as new features were announced for desktop users; a step that shows how the mobile market has become just as important for Google as the desktop.

Smartphone users who access the mobile Google search website will be shown a set of icons at the bottom of the handset's screen which illustrate the growing importance of nearby services such as petrol stations, cashpoints, pubs, coffeeshops, restaurants and more.

Looking for a particular restaurant for example, brings up a pin map with the search engine results page and scrolling through the SERP updates the map in realtime; clicking on the pin will open up the Google Maps application which will then direct the user to the location.

Another significant improvement is a new "plus" button which makes it easier for users to type in long search queries. As Google puts it, the feature will allow you to "build your search piece by piece".

Tablet users will also be delighted to learn that Google's search interface has been redesigned with more empty space, bigger images and more significantly, links that are easier to click on.

The new mobile features will be available in 40 languages worldwide and only to Android and iOS users; no Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS, WebOS and Symbian^3 for the foreseeable future.