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Google's Instant Pages Accelerates Web Searches

Google is going to incorporate a new feature in its search engine which will speed up the search-mechanism by pre-loading web pages on its own, even before users click on them, the search giant announced.

As claimed by Google, the new feature, dubbed Instant Search, is aimed at making browsing significantly faster by operating in the background and preparing to load popular pages.

“Instant Pages can get the top search result ready in the background while you’re choosing which link to click, saving you yet another two to five seconds on typical searches,” said Amit Singhal on the official Google blog (opens in new tab).

“As you scan the results deciding which one to choose, Google is already pre-rendering the top search result for you. That way when you click, the page loads instantly,” he added.

Apparently, the company is also deploying the relevance technology, developed to enhance the accuracy of search results for selecting the page to pre-load.

The new feature is likely to be available for end-users with the introduction of the next beta release of the Chrome browser. However, those who are too impatient to wait till then, can try the developer version of the product (opens in new tab). It won't be supported for other web browsers in the immediate future.