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Hacktivist Collective Anonymous Sets Its Sights On US Federal Reserve

Incresingly ambitious Hacktivist' collective Anonymous today issued a threat against the US Federal Reserve, repeating its call for the removal of Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.

A video posted on YouTube, allegedly by members of leaderless movement, promises action against the US central bank today.

The video, entitled 'Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke', accuses Bernanke of presiding over the betrayal of US taxpayers and colluding with "Too Big To Fail" banks. It accuses politicians of failing to prosecute "the people who caused our economic crisis".

The move comes after the group scored a number of high-profile successes against government and business websites around the world, leading to a series of arrests by police in Spain and Turkey.

The video announces the commencement of 'Operation Empire State Rebellion', and calls for the US public to occupy a public space in a move reminiscent of recent protests in Madrid's Puerta del Sol in the run-up to regional elections in Spain.

As yet, no action against the Federal Reserve has been reported, but observers predict the video may be a prelude to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the Fed's web site, which has become the group's preferred weapon.