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HD calls on Three

Mobile phone network Three has brought out news of high definition voice calling on their network, in addition to handsets that can benefit from the technology.

HD calling offers up clearer and more distinct audible conversation quality, as the technology filters out the background noise heard in the call to make it easier to hear the person on the other end.

Three has stated that hundreds of thousands of these high definition voice calls are now being made across their network every month, from HD voice enabled mobile phones.

HD calling is a 3G technology that works by opening up the phone’s range, allowing it to capture and transmit noise across a wider band of frequencies.

The service launched earlier this year and at no extra cost to the end user, along with seamlessly being introduced and unbeknownst to the handset owner.

There are currently six handsets in Three’s arsenal that arrive HD voice enabled, where most other devices are expected to support the technology by the end of this autumn as existing handsets already have the hardware for HD voice inside of them.

High definition voice calling is only available on Three to Three calls, but the operator is looking to roll out cross-network calls when this becomes possible as Orange also has HD calling in play.

Handsets already HD voice enabled include: the HTC Desire S, Nokia C7, E7 and N8, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the SE Arc. In addition these handsets just need a software update: HTC Desire HD, Nokia C6, C3, X6, E8, X3, E52, E72, N7, 5230, 6720c, E5, E55, C5-04, SE Elm, SE X10 Mini, SE Xperia Play, SE Xperia Arc, SE X8, SE Xperia Pro.

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