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iPhone 5, Beware: Verizon To Release Motorola Droid Bionic Next Month

Verizon is reportedly preparing to release Motorola’s Droid Bionic in early July. The LTE compatible smartphone should be powered by a dual-core processor and run Android Gingerbread, PopHerald (opens in new tab) reports.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to hit the stores in September, therefore Motorola and Verizon may well launch Droid Bionic before August and thus gain an important time advantage ahead of Apple. And the two companies could also attract more customers into the LTE community.

Morola’s Droid Bionic could also integrate the company’s latest user interface and be compatible with WebTop accessories, allowing users to connect the smartphone to Motorola’s LapDock feature and use it as a functional laptop.

Verizon has recently revealed that it will send a software update to drop support for the 4G LTE mobile hotspot feature on July 6th. The carrier had initially decided to disable the feature on June 15th.

Users will still be able to enable the feature based on a subscription to Mobile Hotspot provided by their system administrator. Of course, this would only mean that users will have to pay more money to benefit from the service.

Verizon will also expand its 4G network coverage in 19 new US cities.

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