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J.C. Penney Recruits Apple's Retail Chief As Its New CEO

According to new reports, Ron Johnson will be joining the 109 year old retail chain J.C. Penney. as its chief executive officer starting on November 1 this year.

Johnson, who played a big role in turning iPhone maker Apple into a retail giant during his tenure at the company, has been hired with the hopes that he can have a similar impact at J.C. Penney.

He will be replacing the current CEO Myron Ullman at a crucial juncture when the third largest department store in the US will be going through a sales turnaround.

“It’s our job to rethink everything. Retailing’s always been about creativity, it’s about creating exciting new ways for people to shop, new products for people to purchase, new ways to do things,” Johnson said in an interview with Bloomberg.

According to Robin Lewis, a New York based retail consultant, Johnson could potentially play a massive role in making J.C Penney a stand out in the retail industry, a role that it has played in the past.

He also said that, since the retail industry is a place where consumers see very few significant differences between competitors, all Johnson needs to do is improve the retail-chain’s customer service and introduce exclusive brands, Bloomberg reports.