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LulzSec Opens Dial And Name A Target Hotline

LulzSec, the infamous hacker group, which has been responsible for a number of prominent online attacks in recent months including those on Sony servers, has now opened a hotline requesting internet users to suggest targets for its next attacks.

The request was posted on the group’s Twitter account and it mentioned “Call into 614-LULZSEC and pick a target and we'll obliterate it. Nobody wants to mess with The Lulz Cannon -- take aim for us, twitter. #FIRE"

The group has been quite active in recent past and in just last 24 hours it has managed to bring down or clog servers of several leading sites including the Escapist Magazine, EVE Online and Minecraft amongst others. The group incidentally launched a massive distributed denial of service attack to bring down the websites.

Security experts believe that such provocative action by the group is likely to draw the attention of law enforcement agencies and the group may be doing all these to seek attention.

If publicity is what LulzSec is after, then it surely is getting a lot of it and it reportedly have received a overwhelming response to its hacking hotline with over twenty five hundred voicemails and five thousand missed calls as reported by Betanews (opens in new tab).

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