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LulZSec Targets Gaming Outfits In Titanic Tuesday Attacks

Pranksters from increasingly-effective hacking outfit LulzSec have targeted a number of gameing sites including those involved with Eve Online, Minecraft and League of Legends.

The group, which has taken to calling itself "the world's leaders in high-quality entertainment at your expense," carried out the multipole DDoS offensive dubbed Titanic Takeover Tuesday with no hidden agenda other than having a bit of a laugh and proving it could.

Gaming site Escapist Magazine fell first to a DDoS attack followed by online rollplayer Eve Online which took all of its online services down whilst its security team conducted "a thorough investigation".

Next to tumble was block building strategy game Minecraft - which seems to have become a target after yesterday boasting about how popular it is.

Then League of Legends dropped off of the Internet as the hackers went through a list potential targets submitted by online fans.

"Snap your minds into a new realm, my friends. We did it because they couldn't stop us - and did it we did, as you'll see. We always deliver," LulzSec tweeted during the carnage.