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Microsoft Will Preview Xbox 720 At E3 2012

Rumors have been circulating that the successor to the Xbox 360 gaming console is likely to be unveiled by Microsoft at next year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The news first broke out on the website VideoGamer, which claimed that Crytek, a Germany based video game company, is currently developing TimeSplitters 4 using Microsoft’s upgraded DX11 development tool so that the title can be featured on the next-generation console, dubbed Xbox720.

"The Crysis 2 developer says that Microsoft will announce the existence of a new Xbox within the next 12 months, hinting that an E3 2012 reveal is likely,” the VideoGamer report claimed.

The source, however, could not confirm the specs of the console. But he assured readers that as far as the TimeSplitters 4 is concerned, fans can surely expect high-end visuals.

“Graphics on TimeSplitters 4 are noticeably improved over current generation technology, with the DX11 tessellation effects allegedly having a huge impact on the visuals,” according to the report.

If this is true it means that Microsoft is planning to launch the new Xbox before Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Both Microsoft and Crytek representatives refrained from making any official comment on the matter.