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Nokia Is Closing Its Online UK Shop

Finish mobile manufacturer Nokia is moving ahead with its plan to close down its online store in the UK because of the lukewarm response that it has received.

It seems that most customers prefer to contact telecom operators directly to set up their contracts while others just find it more convenient to enter their neighborhood retail stores for competitively priced smart phones. With network operators offering a host of free goodies, the Nokia online store has lost its relevance as an intermediary.

The same fate seems to be reserved for other Nokia online stores in many European countries including Spain, France and the Netherlands. It seems that the mobile giant has made up its mind that such online stores are a poor business proposition and apparently it is trying to streamline its distribution channels by closing them down.

(opens in new tab)“We are planning to close the current UK online store to simplify our channel structure and focus our resources on our key trade customers," said a Nokia UK representative, TechRadar (opens in new tab)reports.

While no specific date regarding the closure of online store available, trade analysts seem to believe that Nokia's UK online store will close up shop by the end of this month.