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Noon News: Objections Against Auction of Nortel Patents, Apple To Pay £700 Million To Nokia, Honeywell And EMS Technologies

Microsoft, along with a few other tech heavyweights including Nokia, Motorola and Hewlett Packard, have raised serious objection to the proposed auction of Nortel Networks’ patent portfolio. According to a Reuters report, the software giant from Redmond, Washington raised the issue in a lawsuit with the Delaware bankruptcy court.

Nokia announced yesterday that it had signed a patent license agreement with Apple that will see the withdrawal by both parties of their respective complaints to the US International Trade Commission. More importantly, Apple has also agreed a one-off payment of around £700 million - to cover the 108 million iPhones sold since its launch in 2007 - and an estimated eight Euros for every iPhone sold.

Sweden based mobile-phone maker Ericsson AB is going ahead with its proposed purchase of Telcordia Technologies, a leading US based brand, known for its services in the telecommunication research and development sector. Reports suggest that Ericsson will pay approximately $1.2 billion, making this Ericsson's largest deal in the last 5 years.

According to new reports, Honeywell International is going ahead with its proposed acquisition of EMS Technologies, an Atlanta-based mobile-computer manufacturer. This move by the company is believed to be aimed at expanding its stake in the mobile-computing market, as well as pushing these services aggressively into the port and warehousing segments.

A website that provides a platform for the public to monitor and report crimes via CCTV footage of public places has been heavily criticised by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) for allegedly violating data protection legislation. According to reports, the ICO received a complaint about a clip from one of the CCTV footage on the site being available via Google’s video sharing site YouTube. The clip allegedly showed an innocent, identifiable person shopping, which the regulatory board termed as unacceptable.

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