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Two Four-Digit Pins Unlock Ten Percent Of iPhones

iPhone users, who at least used to have the reputation of being tech savvy, often use extremely common PIN codes that are easy to guess and thus risk their data being compromised, a recent research has revealed.

While a user can go for any of the ten thousand four-digit combinations that one can create for generating a PIN code; nearly 15 percent of them are listed in the ten most common pass codes.

The research study conducted by Daniel Amitay, an iPhone developer who used his own Big Brother camera app for the survey revealed that a large proportion of users use easy to guess passwords like 5555 or 1111.

Topping the list of common passcodes is 1234 which is followed by 0000;between them they unlock nearly ten percent of all iPhone handsets on average.

Security analysts typically recommend that people use significantly stronger passwords to prevent data theft. One can use the toggle keys in iPhone to deselect the Simple Password option and then set a strong alphanumeric password for better security.

Also it is advisable to have separate passcodes for applications and the handset. With reports of rogue mobile applications making the rounds, keeping separate passcodes serves as another layer of security.