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US Questions China Over Hack

According to a new report, a number of US diplomats have raised concerns with their Chinese counterparts over a recent hack-attack on the website, as well as demanded the release of Ai Weiwei, a Chinese dissident. fell victim to a cyber attack this year on April 18 after it had successfully raised an online petition demanding the release of Mr. Weiwei, a widely popular musician and activist from China.

Mr. Weiwei was arrested by the Chinese law enforcement agencies in early April. Following the hack attack on, Rep. Rosa DeLauro wrote an open letter to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking her to condemn the attack on the site.

"We believe this attack on from outside of the United States is an attack on Americans' fundamental right to free speech," the letter read.

"As millions of Americans regularly use the Internet to engage in the political process, it is vital that we strive to protect online services that facilitate open debate," it added.

Apparently, the State Department authorities had replied to the open letter a week later. The letter carried in it an overview of the discussion that took place between the representatives from the two countries in the U.S.-China Human Rights Dialogue, held in the Chinese capital on April 27-28.