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Valve Introduces A New Free-To-Play Section On Steam

Valve, a US based game-development and digital distribution company, has announced a new Free to Play section on its digital distribution platform Steam.

According to analysts, the move by the company has been aimed particularly at promoting, and making the best out of games that fall under the increasingly popular free-online game genre.

The company has come up with five new online titles: Alliance of Valiant Arms, Forsaken Worlds, Spiral Knights, Champions Online and Global Agenda as a part of this new offering.

In order to promote this new Free to Play section, all five titles are promising unique in-game content to users who take a shot at the “Free to Play Game of the Day”, the company revealed.

"The introduction of Free to Play games is another example of the constant evolution of Steam," Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve said, GamePro (opens in new tab)reports.

"Free to play games offer new game genres and game experiences for customers while offering developers and publishers new revenue opportunities and the ability to reach customers in areas of the world where the traditional packaged goods model is less popular than F2P," he added.

These titles are especially targeted at people who have snubbed previous free games, assuming that they wouldn't be as good as paid games.