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Winklevoss Twins' Suit Against Facebook Likely To Hit The Supreme Court

The ongoing legal battle between Winklevoss brothers and Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg over their share in social networking giant is likely to reach the U.S Supreme Court.

The Winklevoss twins have accused Zuckerberg of stealing their idea which went on to become Facebook. Now a federal Appeals Court has decided to end all litigation and has allowed the twins to file their appeal in the Supreme Court.

The twin brothers are challenging the San Francisco appeals court judgment which upheld the previous settlement of $65 million that they had reached with Facebook in 2008.

At the moment two separate cases related to the brothers' demand for a larger share in Facebook are pending in US courts, one in San Francisco and the other in Boston. Facebook made a request for the Boston case to be thrown out now that the brothers have expressed their desire to appeal to the Supreme Court; the appeals court has decided to freeze all related litigation until their appeal is considered.

The Winklevoss brothers apparently believe that the compensation offered to them was inadequate and that they were misled about the true value of the social networking platform, causing them to accept lower compensation than they believe they deserve.