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Apple Store Employee Training Is Rigorous And Demanding

It seems that Steve Jobs has ingrained his legendary zeal for excellence in the way that Apple trains its retail employees to deal with customers.

Instead of trying to close sales, employees at Apple’s retail stores are expected to understand the issues of their patrons and make extra effort to find solutions for the customer.

The details of employee training and rules at Apple stores was revealed in a report carried out by the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab), which interviewed several of Apple's current and former staff members.

Employees at the Apple Store are strictly advised not to correct customers even if they mispronounce a product name. Further use of words like “unfortunately” is strongly discouraged and instead phrases like “as it turns out” which have a positive vibe are put to use.

Overall a great deal of emphasis is given to avoid negativity in every sense of the word, and a positive culture where employees are helpful and warm towards customers is encouraged.

Every minute detail is carefully planned out and employees who do not sell the requisite number of Apple care packages are retrained to perform better. But, despite all this focus on performance, Apple Store employees apparently don't receive commission for their sales.