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Cuckold Allegedly Turned To Twitter For Revenge

A jealous husband, who was allegedly cheated on by his wife, went to Twitter and other social networking sites in order to tell the world about his wife’s extra-marital affair, a court recently heard.

Ian Puddick was dragged into the court by Haynes after Puddick allegedly flooded Timothy Haynes’ friends, family members, and even neighbours with phone calls and text messages related to the 10-year-long affair.

According to the complainant, Puddick's shaming campaign caused Haynes' family, friends and clients a great deal of distress, and eventually compelled him to quit his job.

He also said that Puddick should have confronted him about the situation one-on-one, instead of making accusations online and bothering Haynes' friends and family.

The affair started in 2002, when Leena Puddick, who worked as a secretary to Haynes got physically intimate with him during a Christmas party.

Since then the duo has been closely in touch, until 2009 when Mr. Puddick allegedly discovered an explicit message on his wife’s mobile phone from Haynes.

However, Puddick denied having anything to do with the online harassment that he has been charged with. Mr. and Mrs. Puddick have apparently reconciled despite the legal proceedings.