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Facebook Developing Standalone, Photo-Sharing App For iPhone

A new report has revealed that social networking juggernaut Facebook is planning to launch its own photo-sharing app, built exclusively for the iPhone.

The news first broke on the technology news website (opens in new tab) TechCrunch (opens in new tab), which claimed to have received a 50 MB file featuring documents and images that hint towards the social networking site coming up with a photo sharing tool for iPhone users in the near future.

However, TechCrunch did not provide many details on the new app, and concluded by saying that it "appears to be Path meets Instagram meets Color meets With."

Instagram is a a dedicated photo sharing service, aimed at iPhone users, while Path is a social media site which provides a platform for users to connect to 50 of their closest buddies using the site.

Color, on the other hand, is a utility that enables users to extract videos, conversations, as well as photos from different gadgets and merge those into a single, unique group album.

But, the most interesting aspect of the TechCrunch report was the revelation that instead of coming integrated with Facebook’s existing iPhone application, Facebook seems to be planning to develop a standalone photo-sharing utility that would be used in addition to the standard Facebook app.