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Facebook’s Project Spartan To Rival Apple’s App Store?

It appears that Facebook has a bone to pick with Apple after the iPhone manufacturer offered deeper Twitter integration on its iOS 5 but refused to give the same red-carpet treatment to the social networking site as well.

The world’s most popular social networking site is planning to launch its own web store for iOS devices as an alternative to the App Store, 9to5Mac (opens in new tab) reports.

Project Spartan would work in Facebook’s enclosed environment and is designed to be a “framework for apps”. The platform is expected to run on HTML5 and is being designed to lure 100 million mobile gadget users, more precisely Safari users. Thus, Facebook is directly targeting iPhone and iPad users. The platform will be directly distributed via HTML5, not via the App Store.

Android users will also be able to access the platform but Facebook’s main target is Apple’s customers.

Around 80 developers are reportedly working to create a wide array of apps for Project Spartan, including newspaper apps and game apps. Zynga is expected to be available on the new platform.

Facebook is apparently in a hurry to roll out the platform as soon as possible. Could it be that Facebook is planning to launch its new platform before the official release of the iPhone 5?

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