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Google Doodle Live Streams A Lunar Eclipse

The sky-watchers from Middle East and Asia had a good time last night viewing the century’s longest and darkest lunar eclipse, as did the rest of the world as internet search giant Google celebrated the event with a new Google Doodle.

Google put up a live doodle of the one hour and forty minute long lunar eclipse, with real-time clips coming in from the Canary Islands, South Africa and Dubai keeping the Doodle updated every couple of minutes, GMA News (opens in new tab) reports.

Google joined forces with the astronomy site Slooh to facilitate live streaming the event, which could also be viewed through the Android app for Google phones or on YouTube.

The coverage by Slooh was sponsored by the Paramount Pictures, which used this rare event to promote the anticipated new Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon.

Many other websites were also covering the eclipse, especially those from India, Egypt, Singapore and other countries where the eclipse could be seen. However, many of the videos being shown got interrupted due to heavy cloud cover. The Sky Watchers’ Association of North Bengal, for instance, had their night interrupted by clouds.

Total lunar eclipses are rare events when the Earth, sun and moon line up and the Earth casts a shadow that swallows the moon.