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Google Improve Google Sync, iOS Interaction

Google has introduced a number of new changes to its Google Sync service to enhance iOS users’ experiences when connecting Gmail and Google Calender data to their iOS devices, the company announced.

The new features include an enhanced capability to carry out an extensive search operation for all emails, not just locally stored ones, better handling of event invitations in the Google Calender and the ability to send emails with a different return address than the one used while actually sending it.

All of these features have been made available for end users as of yesterday.

This new service from the Mountain View, California based internet giant has already grabbed significant attention from iOS users.

“If you’re using Google Sync to connect your Gmail and Google Calendar data to your iOS device—and really, if you’re not, you should be—the folks in Mountain View have whipped up a few new tweaks that will make that experience all the more pleasant,”said Dan Moren of MacWorld (opens in new tab).

Although Google is one of Apple's primary competitors with the Android mobile OS for smartphones and tablets, it is also develops apps for iPhone and iPad users. Google Maps, for instance, comes pre-loaded on all of Apple's iOS devices.