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LulzSec leaks 62,000 email addresses, passwords

Fresh from bringing down the CIA's website with a packet-flooding attack, hacker group LulzSec has fired off another salvo in its campaign of online mischief, leaking the email addresses and passwords of more than 62,000 website users in a post on its Twitter feed.

Last time the pranksters released a list of 26,000 users details, the info came from hacked porn sites. This time, the group is playing its card slightly closer to its chest, refusing to reveal which sites the information has been stolen from.

But a string of posts on Twitter indicates that the details have already fallen into the hands of people with malicious intent, as users reported that they have been attacked. Other Twitter users speculated that the email addresses and passwords may be associated with eBay, Facebook and PayPal accounts.

The list of emails has been posted online as a 2.25MB text file here. Users are advised to download the list and search the document to find out if they are among those targeted, and change their password details if necessary.

The move is the latest in a frenzy of hacking attacks claimed by the group, along with fellow WikiLeaks sympathisers Anonymous, in recent weeks. The CIA, the US Senate (opens in new tab), security firm Black & Berg (opens in new tab), US broadcaster PBS (opens in new tab) and the Turkish government (opens in new tab) are among those to fall victim. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.