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Microsoft set to announce Kinect for Windows SDK

It looks like Microsoft is ramping up to announce the release of a Kinect for Windows software developer kit later today.

The popular Xbox 360 controllerless controller has been the subject of its fair share of third-party hacks for PCs and even Macs, but today will see the launch of the official SDK which could literally be a game-changer for PC entertainment.

Microsoft first hinted that it would launch the Kinect toolkit some months back originally suggesting a spring release, but emails sent yesterday invited tech hacks to a press announcement set for 5.50pm UK time today which would feature "an important message from Microsoft Research regarding the Kinect technology,"

The live video announcement will take place on Microsoft's Channel 9 web site, which is currently showing a countdown timer to the event.

With early previews of Windows 8 showing a heavily tablet-centric interface, with swipes and pinches and multi-touch gestures, the implications for Kinect as a PC controller, especially when it comes to media applications, are obvious.

Minority Report-style arm-waving PC technology just got a little bit closer in our book.