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Motorola Milestone 3 Won't Launch In UK

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro is likely to be the only recent Android QWERTY slider on the market within a few months as news has reached us that the Motorola Milestone 3 (AKA Droid) won't come to the UK.

Online retailer Clove told us yesterday that they received news that the phone won't sell in the UK, possibly because the Milestone 2 was not as successful as Motorola might have expected, although this is open to change.

The device is roughly the equivalent of a Motorola Atrix with a proper keyboard. The Milestone 3 - which is still scheduled to be launched this month in the US - may come with an Nvidia Tegra 2 system on chip clocked at 1GHz, a 4-inch 960x540 pixel capacitive touchscreen, a QWERTY keyboard with five rows of keys, a front facing camera and an improved eight-megapixel one at the back. Still a big unknown is whether it will bundle Motoblur, Motorola's own user interface or Ice Cream Sandwich(which would be without).

The phone would have been the first major launch in the UK following the creation, at the beginning of the year, of Motorola Mobility.

Clove also confirmed that the HTC Desire Z, the other Android slider on the market, will be discontinued soon without the Taiwanese manufacturer having prepared a replacement yet.