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New Features In Application Compatibility Toolkit For Windows 7 Deployment

Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.6 (opens in new tab) brings with it host of new features and improvements over the previous version. The updates and improvements in the ACT 5.6 include Windows 7 64-bit migration support, Compatibility Web Service, Application Compatibility Toolkit community improvements and inclusion of a demo version of StockViewer application.

Windows 7 64-bit Migration

Microsoft has now included support for 64-bit Version of Windows 7 in Application Compatibility Toolkit and through it administrators and IT Professionals can detect and report issues for applications under 64-bit platform. Latest information can be obtained directly from the vendors about their applications and whether they have been certified for Windows 7. The 64-bit support allows:

- Creation and application of compatibility fixes for 64-bit applications. The 64-bit version of Compatibility Administrator (opens in new tab) has also been included to support creation and application of compatibility fixes from the 64-bit compatibility fix database (opens in new tab). This tool also allows creation of compatibility fixes for Microsoft Intermediary Language complied applications.

- Administrators and IT Professionals to manage separate compatibility readiness reports for Windows 32-bit as well as 64-bit. Assessment reports can be created and managed depending upon the system architecture.

- The use of Internet Compatibility Test Tool (IECTT) (opens in new tab) and the Standard User Analyzer (SUA) on systems based on 64-bit architecture of Windows 7.

- The use of Update Compatibility Evaluator (UCE) (opens in new tab) which enables administrator to assess the security patches released for 64-bit installations of Windows 7.

- For deployment of data collection packages in Windows 7 64-bit systems.

New & Improved Compatibility Web Service

With the updated version of compatibility web service (opens in new tab), ACT is equipped with the capability of faster and more frequent synchronisation and update of the vendor compatibility assessment data with less data transfer.

Update To ACT Community

Application Compatibility Toolkit Community users now have the capability of rating compatibility of applications, which will be displayed graphically as well as numerically under the column for Community Assessment. This particular feature provides a more realistic count of the actual user community which experimented with the compatibility of the application. This also enables administrators to find out the number of people who have reviewed a particular application for its compatibility. The assessment criteria in based on three different available scores: Works, Works with Minor issues or has Solutions and Does not Work.

Windows 7 Deprecated Component Detection

The 5.6 version of ACT now has three more entries in the Windows 7 deprecated components (opens in new tab) which include: msagent.exe, milcore.dll, outlook.exe. This enables Windows Compatibility Evaluator to detect the application that require these missing components and enable to generate a report based on the same.

Demo Version of StockViewer Application

Administrators and IT Professionals can use the demo version of StockViewer application to understand the process involved in using Compatibility Administrator and the Standard User Analyzer (SUA) (opens in new tab) tool to locate and fix any issues related to the User Account Control. This demo version also provides a tutorial which explains the deployment process of the fix in any environment.

Application Compatibility Toolkit v5.6 allows administrator and IT Professionals to use the same kit effectively for 32-bit and 64-bit with the same assessment and reporting facilities available for both system architectures.

Ravi Mandalia
Ravi Mandalia

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