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New Maps And 'Zombie Mode' For Call Of Duty: Black Ops Coming To Xbox 360

Activision announced on Thursday that Annihilator, the third installment of downloadable content for Call of Duty Black Ops will become available for Xbox 360 on June 28.

The new content will feature four new maps called Drive IN, Silo, Hanger 18 and Hazard, all of which will support multiplayer mode.

Also, a new add-on has been included in the package for the massively popular Zombie mode. In this mode, players will be required to defend themselves against hundreds of undead monsters.

Treyarch's Mark Lamia, a key developer in the project, said that the new zombie map, dubbed Shangri La is "an exotic and mysterious map filled with deadly traps, dark secrets and innovative gameplay," The Telegraph (opens in new tab) reports.

Though Activision has yet to disclose the official price for these new maps, it is expected to cost fans around £10, or 1200 Microsoft Points, putting the price of Annihilation in line with Escalation and First Strikes, the two previous Black Ops DLC put out by Activision. The first two add-ons were among the most sought-after add-on products in the Xbox 360’s history, which was no doubt a big part of why Activision decided to continue developing maps for the popular game.