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Report: iPod Touch More Effective Than iPad For In-app Ads

MP3 players and gaming gadgets are better means for conveying in-app mobile ads than tablets, a recent report from Millennial Media suggests.

The report evaluates the number of ad impressions on gadgets other than smartphones. The results show that 70% of the impressions reported in the 'connected devices' category are generated by MP3 players and mobile gaming gadgets. Apple’s iPod Touch has the highest rate of app consumption for non-phone devices, according to the report (opens in new tab).

The next 29% of the ad impressions came from the iPad, Xoom and Galaxy Tab, while the remaining 1% came from Nintendo Wii, Amazon’s Kindle and Connected TVs.

Connected devices (iPad/iPod) hold 16% of the total impressions, and the iPhone makes up for 67%.

Apple holds 30.84% of all the impressions, and out of this proportion, the iPhone holds 16.53%.

Based on a simple subtraction (30.84% - 16.53%) it is safe to say that the iPad and iPod Touch hold 14.31% of the total impression market, while the other competitors have a 16% share.

The conclusion is that non-iOS gadgets hold only 1.7% of the total non-smartphone app market.

The report further adds that 31% of all impressions are via Wi-Fi enabled and 60% are done on touchscreen gadgets.

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