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Apple Could Disable iPhone’s Camera During Live Concerts

Apple is developing a new software program that would reportedly allow the company to turn off the iPhone’s camera when users are trying to record a live concert.

The idea is not completely new since the company filed the patent application at the beginning of 2010.

Concert organizers would install infra-red sensors inside the venue, probably near the stage, that will detect running iPhone cameras and then switch them off automatically, Metro UK reports.

iPhone owners will still be able to access and use the text messaging features, send and receive emails or surf the Internet, since the software is designed to disable only the camera app.

Apple has probably begun to work on this software only now because of iCloud. The iPhone maker has recently launched the service enabling customers to stream music from the cloud. Apple has signed licensing agreements with the major record labels in order to roll out iCloud.

The tech giant has probably decided to disable the camera during live gigs in order to improve its relations with record labels.

Unfortunately for iPhone users, they may no longer be able to record their favourite band’s live performances and upload them to YouTube, should Apple actually develop this software.

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