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Apple Files New Ad-Hoc Networking Patent

Apple Inc. has filed a patent for a “revolutionary” method of "ad hoc networking based on content and location", which, once implemented, will enable iPhone users to search and contact nearby strangers on the basis of their shared interests, new reports revealed.

Apple reportedly stated in the patent that this new technology will be totally different from those in the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where a user needs to know first whom he or she is adding.

The iPhone maker also stated that getting to know strangers with many things in common can be really awkward at times, which "often requires a substantial amount of and time and effort because identifying new persons with common interests for friendships is difficult. For example, when two strangers meet, it may take a long and awkward conversation to discover their common interests or experiences,” reports.

Apparently, the company hopes to introduce a cure for such awkward situations through incorporating this ground breaking technology in the iPhone.

However, it’s not the first time when Apple came up with a patent aimed at the ever growing world of social networking. Last year in February, the company filed another patent for a technology that would allow iPhone users to share their location based information amongst themselves, so that they could find each other when and if in the same city.