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Apple To Launch Its Own iOS Social Network?

It appears that Apple is planning to launch its own social network especially developed for iOS users, according to a recent patent application.

The app could help iOS users find other Apple fans who are nearby. This "ad hoc networking based on content and location" app could match people up based on various criteria: the interests and experiences they have in common, music preferences or the video content they have recently watched.

Using these criteria, TechRadar (opens in new tab)suggests, makes this app project sound like a dating tool for iOS users. The app could also reveal to the potential ”friends” where users have recently been, so as to offer more topics of discussion for small talk.

To put it differently, Apple is trying to provide "icebreakers that could encourage spontaneous conversation”, according to the patent description.

Users can also enable the privacy settings and reveal nothing to other iOS users who happen to be nearby.

I am not sure how successful this app concept will be given the fact that it shares personal information to total strangers. Many iOS users may well tend to ignore it because of privacy concerns.

Apple’s idea could be considered an attempt to create an exclusive Facebook network that only iOS users can access.

The idea sounds very similar to the 'Color' app launched by web entrepreneur Bill Nguyen back in March.

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