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British Student Faces Extradition, Imprisonment For Posting Links

A British student accused of copyright infringement may be extradited to the US to face trial and could be sentenced to as much as five years in prison for posting links to copyrighted materials on his website.

The accusations against the British student Richard O'Dwyer relate to running the website which contained links to several television shows and other copyrighted content.

Richard has been accused of being the administrator of the website and could be charged on several counts including and related to copyright infringement.

But the site only hosted links and did not host any copyrighted material, a fact that Richard’s lawyers have highlighted during his bail proceedings in hopes of some leniency.

U.S authorities have launched a crackdown on sites containing or linking to copyrighted movies and other content in recent days, and was taken down along with 80 similar sites including and

“To me he's just a geeky boy, who sits in his room messing on his computer. Let's hope our government can bring some common sense to bear to put an end to such unnecessary, yet deeply traumatic, extradition demands," said his mother Julia O'Dwyer, the BBC (opens in new tab)reports.