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Can RIM's 'Superphone' Triumph Against iPhone 5?

RIM’s sales have suffered due to the high quality handsets its rivals have brought to the market, but the company is planning to launch a ”superphone” that could help the company to fight back.

RIM's PlayBook tablet runs the QNX operating system, the same OS that the company is planning to integrate in its upcoming ”superphones”.

"[QNX OS] will also become the core of future BlackBerry super phones", Jim Balsillie (opens in new tab), one of RIM’s CEOs stated.

RIM is also preparing to integrate multi-core processors in their upcoming super BlackBerry smartphones, according to Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

And that's not all, many superphones RIM will manufacture in the future will be NFC compatible. This feature could bring an advantage to RIM since Apple has not revealed yet whether its iPhone 5 will be NFC compatible or not.

Meanwhile, other competitors are also planning to launch their own revamped operating systems. For example, Apple’ iOS 5 is expected to be released this year, while Nokia has decided to switch to Windows Phone.

However, iOS 5 will be a hard act to follow for QNX, taking into account the details available about Apple’s new OS. iOS 5 will offer a messaging service, a feature only BlackBerry phones used to have, which means that RIM’s smartphones are not that unique anymore.

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